We understand that a company are people and for that, we work with a team of interdisciplinary people of high human value, professionalism and commitment.
Our premise is to listen to our customers, together detect their needs and problems, in order to design strategies, develop their solution and generate added value to their businesses.

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What we offer

  • Customizable and service-oriented software development.

    We develop our applications based on the customization and customer service paradigm  in order to offer our customers the solutions that suit their particular needs without incurring on expensives systems that are also canned without business flexibility that the customer needs.

  • IT Business Consulting

    In addition to project ourselves on generating solutions of our authorship, we also offer OpenSource software solutions based on Linux (R), Apache (R),  PostgresSQL databases, MariaDB, Firebird, MongoDB, VPNs and Web Servers, among others. It allows to cover, from start to end, the company's value chain, being integral on analyzing and providing solutions.

  • Desktop, Web, Mobile and Cloud Applications

    Currently the applications have transcended the imaginary boundaries of technology, that is why we develop and manufacture systems that works on mobile devices, smart TVs, tablets, desktop and any component that has an internet connection. Therefore our signature to be at the forefront of technology.

Our Core Services


image We know that an appropriate selection of software will guarantee the protection, integrity, confidentiality, accessibility and audit of the information, maintenance under control all the operations of the company in the different business processes. This is why Grupo AGNI seeks to guide and advise you so that you make a better choice.

Applications development

image We specialize in developing information systems based on standards adapted to the needs of the client, regarding the characteristics of your business, your information needs, the platform and technology architecture that your company has, generating added value through the use of the latest technology and great savings in costs and optimization of your business processes.

Web design

image We offer a comprehensive service for the development of its web strategy, analyzing your requirements, assisting with the definition of the objectives to be achieved, the design of their pages, implementation and commissioning of the project.


image Our company aims to collaborate in the development of information technology in the professional field. Therefore, it wishes to encourage the growth of new professionals, both individually and in the form of associations or groups. With this in mind, it has created a Support Program for individual professionals and young companies in training.

Servers & Connectivity

image We understand the need to optimize communications resources and the efficiency of data integration beyond the limits of your business. For this part of our staff is specialized in the installation and configuration of dedicated servers, to ensure the connectivity of your company with its branches, vendors, customers, etc.