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What we offer

  • Customizable and service-oriented software development.

    We develop our applications based on the customization and customer service paradigm  in order to offer our customers the solutions that suit their particular needs without incurring on expensives systems that are also canned without business flexibility that the customer needs.

  • IT Business Consulting

    In addition to project ourselves on generating solutions of our authorship, we also offer OpenSource software solutions based on Linux (R), Apache (R),  PostgresSQL databases, MariaDB, Firebird, MongoDB, VPNs and Web Servers, among others. It allows to cover, from start to end, the company's value chain, being integral on analyzing and providing solutions.

  • Desktop, Web, Mobile and Cloud Applications

    Currently the applications have transcended the imaginary boundaries of technology, that is why we develop and manufacture systems that works on mobile devices, smart TVs, tablets, desktop and any component that has an internet connection. Therefore our signature to be at the forefront of technology.

Improving ourselves

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Our Development Processes

creative thinking
Toma de requerimientos

This is one of the points where we emphasize more. It is a process of successive interviews to the customer / users to define requirements, needs and expectations, obtaining an overview of what the customer really needs.

creative thinking
Analysis and Design

We analyze the obtained requirements, transforming them into appropriate conditions to be treated. Based on them we design the infrastructure, architecture, and model more apt to provide the best solution for the customer.

creative thinking
Solution's Development and Implementation

Once our customer's optimal solution is defined, we began the development applying our own customizable solutions and / or open source applications.

Some of Our Clients